Cochrell Family

Stephenie and I were both raised in Christian homes and heard the Gospel from a young age. We both accepted Christ when we were young and spent our growing up years learning more about being a follower of Jesus Christ. In High School, we each were challenged at youth camps and retreats to give ourselves fully over to God and be willing to serve Him with our entire lives.

Though we didn’t know each other growing up, it is amazing to see how our stories are very similar to one another. When we met in college, it was apparent God had brought us together for purposes and plans bigger than ourselves. We were married in December of 2008. God has blessed us with four kids that we love dearly and are continually thankful for. We joined Baptist Mid-Missions in 2010 and left for Peru in 2013. The journey of following God has stretched our faith, challenged our commitment to God, and reminded us of our need for Him in our lives. It is the path that God has chosen for us and we willingly follow Him as he makes His presence known to us each and every day!